October 2020 Diary

THANKS to Jacqui (of course!), we had some lovely arrangements in church to help us celebrate Harvest. But, as anticipated, our celebrations were somewhat muted (in the case of the familiar, but currently forbidden, harvest hymns, literally so).
We especially missed the traditional harvest supper – always an enjoyable occasion. The  loss was not only social, but financial: the proceeds are usually divided between church funds and Self Help Africa.
We can make up for the latter by generous use of the harvest envelopes. Not many of these have been returned so far: please put that right as soon as possible. As the name implies, Self Help Africa helps people in a number of African countries to achieve financial security and self-respect. You can read on another page about one of their innumerable projects to that end.

OUR arrangements for worship in church, despite the restrictions, seem to be working well. Now, however, members of the congregation have to wear masks. Those leading worship are exempt, but my experience of wearing one in other public indoor places has shown me how irksome it is.

To reduce the length of time you have to wear one in church, I have shortened the main Sunday service by omitting one of the readings, and providing only printed copies of the sermon, not preaching it. I don’t like doing this, but I feel it is the considerate thing to do.
You can, of course – and I hope you will – read the other Bible passage, as well as the sermon, for yourself.

THE reduced length of the 10 am service – no hymns, as well as the omissions mentioned above – means that it takes about 40 minutes. This suggests that we should start the Remembrance Sunday service at 10.15, so as to reach the Two Minutes Silence at the appropriate moment. But I will confirm that nearer the time.

REMEMBRANCE Sunday is November 8, so the previous Sunday is November 1, All Saints’ day, with All Souls’ day on the Monday. Please let me have in good time the names of any you would like commemorated at the Requiem that day.
British Summer Time ends on the last Sunday in October, the 25th. Clocks and other timepieces should be put BACK one hour.